Dominic practices in commercial litigation and in particular in the areas of construction law, contract and property.


Since joining the Bar, Dominic has been briefed in, amongst other things, the following cases:

Supreme Court

  • Novawest Contracting v Brimbank City Council (2015) VSC 679
  • Defteros v Scott [2014] VSC 205 (14 May 2014)
  • Southon Constructions Pty Ltd v Forstar Pty Ltd (Corporations) with Peter Fary
  • Olex Australia Pty Ltd & Major Engineering Pty Ltd & Gillespie Powers Inc (with David McAndrew) dispute over construction of an aluminum-melting  furnace
  • Cullen v Lawless Group Pty Ltd: Construction Dispute /Removal of Caveat
  • Connelly v Austock Securities Pty Ltd (withStephen Estcourt QC) Unconscionable Conduct
  • Handberg & anor v MIG Property Services Pty Ltd (2012) VSCA 126 (with Peter Tree SC) Leave to appeal
  • Re MIG Property Services Pty Ltd (2012) VSC 122 ((with Peter Tree SC) Corporations; Adjournment of Wind Up Application; Appeal from Associate Justice
  • Re MIG Property Services Pty Ltd (No.2) 2012 VSC 606 (with Peter Tree SC)
  • Simpson v Rowe (2011) VSC 279 Legal Practitioner's lien over settlement proceeds
  • Polidoro Developments Pty Ltd v Hayek & anor (2012) VSC 20 - caveat dispute

 Supreme Court of NSW

  • Brolton Group Pty Limited v Eric Nelson & Lindsay F Nelson Manufacturing Pty Limited


Dominic has appeared in numerous Statutory Demand cases and Wind Up Proceedings.


County Court

  • Tony Thanh v Binh Ma; Removal of Caveat; Statute of Limitations Dispute
  • Nelson Silos Pty Ltd v Poly Pacific Australia Pty Ltd (junior to Tim Margetts SC) construction dispute with issues including delay damages
  • Connelly v Shinberg; loan dispute
  • Matic Plastering Pty Ltd v Milojevic (2012) VCC 556 - Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act Claim
  • Product Development Projects Pty Ltd v Owners Corporation (2012) VCC 1335 – Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act claim
  • Xerri Pty Ltd v Sparks Industrial Park Pty Ltd [2013] VCC 560
  • Southon Constructions Pty Ltd v Forstar Pty Ltd (No 2) [2014] VCC 349 (28 March 2014)
  • Southon Constructions Pty Ltd v Forstar Pty Ltd (2014) VCC 306 (21 March 2014)



  • James & Phillip Woolard Pty Ltd v Kinson (Owners Corporation)(2016) VCAT 80
  • Kinson v James & Phillip Woolard Pty Ltd (Owners Corporation)(2016) VCAT 79
  • Owners Corporation No.1 PS422665R v May (OC) (2016) VCAT 399
  • Owners Corporation No.8 PS422665R v Walton (OC)(2015) VCAT 1742
  • Kottai v Scope Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd (Building and Property) [2014] VCAT 1461 (24 November 2014)
  • Body Corporate v Stosius, Uren & Ors (with Joe Forrest) construction dispute
  • Abdul Zahir v Director of Public Transport; application for reinstatement of taxi operators licence
  • Turner v Taylor, Chemind Construction Products & Ors; waterproofing dispute
  • Camilleri & Ors v Oldroyd & Ors (Owners Corporation) 2011 VCAT 279 Owners Corporation Dispute
  • Camilleri & Ors v Oldroyd & Ors (Owners Corporation) 2011 VCAT 1123 Owners Corporation Dispute; Legal Costs
  • Oliver & Jasmine Investments Pty Ltd v White (Domestic Building) [2013] VCAT 740


Dominic Triaca read with Alister McNab (now Judge McNab of the Federal Circuit Court).  His Senior Mentor was Peter Murdoch QC.

Prior to coming to the Bar Dominic practised as a Solicitor at Rennick & Gaynor.

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Practice Areas

Securities and Investments
Real Property
Corporations Law
Contractual Disputes
Corporate Insolvency
Building and Construction
Wills and Probate
Family Provision
Family Law and Guardianship
Merits Review
Judicial Review and administrative law


Admitted to the Legal Profession:
25 Feb 2002
Signed Victorian Bar Roll:
24 May 2007


LLB (Hons): BA

Also Entitled to Practise in

Australian Capital Territory
Federal Court of Australia
High Court of Australia